Mob Wives Season 2: Fatal Attraction and Lucifer

Going into the second episode of the Mob Wives season, I was cautiously optimistic about how the footage of the fight between Drita, Karen, and Ramona would be presented. Too often, the reality fight build-up and aftermath is much more dramatic than the altercation itself, but in the case of Mob Wives, physical fights have never been shied away from. These women can scrap as good as or better than every other "wife" cast, so I knew it'd be more than the typical 5-10 minute fight this time around.

Little did I know that the fight itself would take up over half the episode and escalate from a pseudo-reconciliation to an all out brawl that threatened Junior's bail status. Instead of focusing on what happened as a result of the two-on-one jumping of Drita D'avanzo, we were heavily immersed in the action, following the wives around as they tended to injuries and tried to cool down. And, not to be a prisoner of the moment, the episode ended up as perhaps one of the greatest installments of reality TV I've ever seen as a result. Everything was allowed to breathe and accordingly felt more real in the process; we didn't get cut out of the best action, nor did it feel overly edited to the point of producer interference. It was an extra real episode of Mob Wives that was just awesome (and slightly scary) to watch unfold. Read More...


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