Desperate Housewives Review: Bree's Got Mail... Again

With the holidays over, Desperate Housewives wasted no time picking up right where we left off before the break.

I thought that "What's to Discuss, Old Friend" was fast-paced and will be pleased if the remainder of the season follows suit. There’s much to discuss, so let’s make haste and dive right in...

As news spread of Chuck Vance’s death, I kind of wished I had kept a Wisteria Lane death toll after all of these years. It’s safe to say it’s a little too late, but it’d be interesting to know the exact number of deaths throughout these years. Has anyone kept count?

Although it was expected and predictable, Chuck’s murder was just too convenient for my taste. Furthermore, couldn’t he have at least died in some other fashion? We’ve seen the hit-and-run scenario far too many times in Fairview. Come on writers, get creative. Read More...


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