'The Good Wife' recap: You Got Served!

After a much-too-long hiatus, The Good Wifereturned last night with Lockhart/Gardner under fire with a $44 million lawsuit. A couple whose divorce was overseen by David Lee et al. during Alicia's first  year was back claiming the firm had intentionally split them up for financial gain. What was once a seemingly routine division of assets was turning into the single suit that might destroy the company.

All the key players were served outside the office in their own element -- Diane at an art museum; Alicia at Zach and Grace's new school; Will at a wedding; and David Lee at a Gilbert and Sullivan production (that outfit!). Speaking of the process-server, I'd kind of like to see the Australian Jack Copeland (Bryan Brown) return to the show. Albeit it would be great if he could be there under some happier circumstances, but he's clearly got a thing for Diane. After he served Mr. Dobbs, I think it's safe to say her interest was piqued. And with Gary Cole's Kurt McVeigh out of the picture, she could use a love interest. You listening, writers? Anyway, with super-lawyer Burl Preston (F. Murray Abraham) representing the scorned couple, it seemed that a loss was likely. Malpractice insurance would not cover the suit should they lose, so each equity partner was on the hook for $1.2 million. Read More...



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