Leverage Review: A Father's Love

As it ran the full emotional gambit from completely silly to heart wrenchingly sad, "The Radio Job" will go down as one of my favorite episodes of Leverage.

On one end of the emotional spectrum, we had some of the funniest moments this show has offered. How could you not love the nod to Die Hard from Eliot as he was communicating with Special Agent Dennis Powell? Powell was right on the verge of being over acted by the always great Michael Paré, but just when I thought it was going over the edge, he reigned it back in. 

We also had Parker, Hardison, and Eliot initial break in. If I was Hardison, I would have asked the same thing about why he is always being pushed off of stuff. Was anyone else waiting for Eliot to knock him out after Parker suggested he be unconscious?  Read More...



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