The Good Wife Recap: Clause 63

A new year is upon us, and your humble recapper has resolved to be less grumpy and critical about what is undoubtedly the best show on network television. (It helps, too, that I’ve seen most of Downton Abbey season two already, because if I had to divide my loyalties over those two shows airing in the same time slot, it might get ugly.)

When we last saw our fair friends at Lockhart Gardner, in another lifetime before the holidays, Alicia had ended her affair with Will and thawed her feud with Kalinda — they’re now functioning colleagues if not yet friends again. Diane had hinted to Alicia that she needs to prioritize work before family (and sex) if she wants to be a partner, and stepped up as Alicia’s new companion for after-work tequila shots. Peter had proven he’s not as saintlike as he’s been trying to seem, threatening the headmistress of a private school in order to secure Grace and Zach’s admission. And Wendy Scott-Carr had approached Will on an empty basketball court (the investigation has scared off all the judge buddies who play with him), revealed that she’s really after Peter, and offered Will a deal, which he refused, if he would testify to Peter’s corruption in his first round as State’s Attorney. Read More...


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