'The Good Wife': You got served


Apologies for the lateness of this recap, the football game and my forgetfulness had my recording cutting off the last 15 minutes. But anyway, on to "The Good Wife."Case of the WeekA divorce David Lee worked in Alicia's first year comes back to haunt the firm, as the couple has reconciled and is now suing L/G for alienation of affection (which means they think the firm caused their divorce) and fraud (for selling a company the wife won in the settlement and making more money off the deal than she made.The equity partners are each on the hook for $1.2 million, since malpractice insurance doesn't cover intentional torts (assault, battery and trespass are common ones; alienation of affection is less common, but is still in the category). Eli Gold is particularly upset about this, since he just became an equity partner like a week ago and he uses this opportunity to go after David Lee,...



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