Pan Am “Secrets and Lies” Review

The second half of Pan Am’s freshman season took off last night with "Secrets and Lies," an episode that picked up almost where we left in December, save for all the boring, technical bits that come from a hotel fire and the shooting of a Russian spy. That is to say, we skipped a bit ahead in time to the aftermath, as it was.

Although I would have expected more consequences for Maggie, the woman who nearly burned down aLondon hotel, it ends up being Kate who pays the greatest price for her actions of that fateful night. It turns out that killing a bad guy can get you into just as much trouble as killing a good guy. Fortunately her MI6 contact, Anderson, decides to take the fall, as he’s more valuable than she is and won’t be punished. All Kate has to do is pass a polygraph and she can walk away from her life as a spy. When she manages to manipulate the machine through means of her own perpetual guilt, Anderson laments the loss of her services. Bolstered by the fact that a master spy thinks she has potential, Kate rethinks her decision. I guess I can see this. Kate might tell herself that she’s doing this for her country, but I think it really has to do with the adventure and the intrigue. Read More... 


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