'Pretty Little Liars': Crisis management


On the latest "Pretty Little Liars," is Lucas a psycho killer? We aren't so sure.The girls immediately take A's cell phone to Caleb, because he is the resident computer hacker guy. He starts tranfering the files, but A wipes the phone remotely before he can get much. What he does get is a picture of those disturbing dolls and Spencer figure out later it was taken in the attic of her lake house. Creepy.Meanwhile, Emily is finishing her community service at a crisis hotline and someone who sounds a lot like the person who screwed up and lost A's phone keeps calling. Emily and Spencer figure out it's Lucas' voice, but Hanna won't believe them. Until Lucas and Hanna are out in a rowboat setting up the fireworks for Caleb's surprise birthday party and Lucas starts acting really weird. Before he can do anything, Hanna knocks him out and into the water. She then is...



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