'The Bachelor': Blakeley and Courtney, hisssss


On this week's "Bachelor," Ben takes the ladies up to his winery in Sonoma. It's gorgeous. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for all the ladies' behavior.Kacie's DateSo pumped that Kacie has the first one-on-one, she's great. Ben takes her around Sonoma and as they explore the town, the most wonderful revelation comes out - Kacie twirls the baton! That's so awesome. My mom was a baton twirler. And Kacie is legit - she throws, spins and catches. I could not love her more.They end up at dinner and talk a lot about Ben's dad and how important Sonoma is to him. I like them together, but I don't see a huge spark yet. Anybody else feel me on that one? But she does get a rose, yay!Next is a trip to the Sebastian Theatre, a beautiful community theatre. I used to do plays/musicals in a local theatre like that. Lovely. But then the show...



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