Jaimie Etkin: 'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: Lucas Shows His Dark Side

Note: The following contains spoilers if you have not seen Season 2, Episode 15 of ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars," entitled, "A Hot Piece Of 'A.'"

The second "Pretty Little Liars" episode of 2012 picked up almost exactly where the first left off, but it was infinitely better than its predecessor.

After Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily debate whether the alleged "A" was a "him," "her," or an "it" -- Emily's going with non-"him" due to running prowess, or lack thereof -- they get in a real fight that rivals their fake one from the previous episode.

They have to decide what to do with their tormentor's locked phone, but Hanna thinks it's an opportunity to talk about evil step-sister Kate moving to Rosewood. The others, Spencer and Emily in particular, are not having it and suggest they go to the only person in town who has hair as shiny as they do: hacker extraordinaire Caleb. Hanna doesn't like the idea and would rather call Pakistan for help, but Spencer, Emily are Aria don't listen. After some more glass mysteriously falls in the greenhouse, off to Hanna's boyfriend they go. Read More...



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