'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: Don't Make the Ken Doll Mad

Can we stay in Hawaii forever? And just have the whole series be about Lisa and Kyle getting into their various shenanigans while draped in loose, parrot-colored fabrics? The last two episodes have been winners, with a highlight surely being Lisa's generous rump getting stuck in the balcony divider as Kyle ribbed her for using outdated terms like "humping." I've missed the palsy dynamic between these two. What a treat to see their friendship get a tropical reprieve from Taylor's absorbing cloak of heavy drama.

They weren't the only ones reconnecting on this long weekend away. As I live and breathe, Adrienne allowed Paul to touch her. The show opened with the couple on a hike to Sweetheart Rock. "It's been a long time since Paul and I have actually..." -- oh dear, what's coming? -- "held hands. I'd probably say, I don't know, years? That's really bad." Read More...



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