'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'A Hot Piece Of 'A''

You guys... If I ever receive a surprise-party invitation from Hanna Marin, please remind me to RSVP, "No way, Jose." Bitch throws one deadly fete. (RIP, Lucas?) Before we relive the lake soiree from hell, let's go back to the beginning.

The episode picked up right where last week's winter premiere concluded: with the girls lurking in the creepy greenhouse, post-attack. They're contemplating what to do with A's phone, with everyone but Hanna keen on having mobile maven Caleb crack the cell. In the midst of their argument, the phone in question begins ringing and a game of Hot Potato ensues until Hanna's left holding the scorching spud. For a second, it looks like she's going to answer it. That is, until the glass above them shatters, sending them scrambling to the car, resolving to put Caleb on the case. He obliges, but partway through the data download, the owner deactivates the phone. He's been able to salvage a bit (hopefully more than Angry Birds!), but says it will take some time to access. Read More...



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