Jane By Design “The Runway” Review

While I still found Jane by Design cute and fun, I had to suspend my disbelief even more this week during "The Runway," as Jane split her Saturday night between a high school dance and a preview of her boss’s new collection. Two events, two outfits, back and forth…yet she never broke a sweat. That is talent.

Of course, the whole idea that an assistant who hasn’t even met her boss in person yet would be asked to compile a collection of jewelry and dresses for the company’s investors is more than a little absurd. It’s not like we had any doubt that Jane would pull it off, but at least she didn’t do so well on the flip side of the evening’s coin. Even after being sort-of invited to the dance by Nick and having a great time with him, she fails to make it back in time to have a magical high school moment under the strobe light. That’s enough realism to make me forgive the rest of the night, and it was a nice touch to have Billy waiting for her by his car a la Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles. Read More...



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