'The River': It's not 'Lost' in the Amazon

The River.jpg

Since "Lost" disappeared from television, fans have been craving a really good mystery. ABC is about to fill that void for us with "The River." In the show, a group of people search for a missing TV researcher in the Amazon jungle. (The show is filmed in Hawaii, on the one island that doesn't have an actual river: Oahu). That said, it's not "Lost" in the Amazon. Especially in one very crucial way.At the TV critics' winter press tour, executive producer Michael Green explained that each episode is a self-contained horror/adventure story. It seems that ABC learned its lesson from "Lost." Of course it was an incredibly popular show, but the people who dropped off often did it because they missed a week and it was too complicated to catch up. Green said that though there is an overarching storyline, you could "ignore" it. Sure, the idea is that the group is searching for Dr....



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