Pretty Little Liars Promo & Photos: Recovering from the Tragedy at the Lake House

This week's episode of Pretty Little Liars seems to be part one of a big two part episode.  Despite Hanna's protests, the other girls convinced her to go to Caleb to gain access to 'A's cell phone.  He was able to access a few files, but 'A' seemed to shut down the lost cell phone.  Despite his curiosity, Hanna refused to tell him anything substantial about the 'A' situation.  Instead, she decided to plan a birthday party for him up at Spencer's lake house.

Emily and Spencer listened in on a call at the school's teen help line and heard Lucas upset about losing something the previous night, leading them to believe that he was the person who attacked Emily and lost his phone, which means he's either 'A' or one of 'A's helpers.  Hanna refused to believe that Lucas could be a danger to them, however. Read More...


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