Pretty Little Liars Episode 2.15 Review: At Wit's End

About half the residents of Rosewood were at their wit's end by the end of tonight's phenomenal Pretty Little Liars, where possible truths and red herrings were unleashed as if they were the hound of hell themselves. The Liars were still in fight back mode, but 'A' bounced back from last week's ambush long enough for a game or two. However, the suspects are narrowing down and just about everyone had something to be guilty about, even if it didn't concern the mystery of 'A.'

From gate, Lucas looked hella suspect while he was studying with Hanna, especially when he found out about where Caleb's birthday party was going to be held. What initially looked like a reconsideration of feelings for Hanna turned into something down right sinister. Could Lucas have been the one who almost killed Emily last week in the greenhouse? The arrows tonight pointed straight at his head, while leading a trail back to Rosewood's reigning weirdest couple (with Ezria being a close second), Garrett and Jenna. With Lucas freaking out about botching a task "they" asked him to do, and Jenna and Garrett arguing about bringing in a third person into the mix, it's hard as hell not to just pinpoint the three of them and call it a day with a cup of hot cocoa and a nice book. However. As we know with Pretty Little Liars, secrets and appearances are a dime a dozen in this town, which means that nothing is just that simple. Unfortunately. Read More...


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