Supernatural Scoop: Guess Who's Making a Return Appearance?

No, it's not Bobby who is returning to Supernatural.  At least, not yet or that we know of.  But some Sam fans might be pleased about the return of this recurring guest star.

You might have guessed from the photo to the right that Mark Pellegrino will be appearing in an upcoming episode.  That's right, folks, Lucifer himself is returning to the show in an upcoming episode (possibly in episode 7.15, although we haven't been able to confirm it yet).

As you may recall, Sam experienced some pretty serious hallucinations involving his time in hell in the first two episodes of season 7.  Pellegrino appeared as Lucifer earlier this season, trying to convince Sam that he was still stuck in Hell and everything he was experiencing wasn't real.  Since then, Sam's after-effects from Hell haven't been touched on a great deal and he's insisting that he's learning to deal with the memories and trauma.  We've heard rumblings that his condition would be addressed more fully in the second half of the season. Read More...


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