Shameless 2.01 "Summertime" Season Premiere Review

Shameless season 2 squeaks by with its first entry with this week’s "Summertime" as the Gallagher clan struggles to make ends meet in a sweltering summer, and Frank (William H. Macy) involves young Liam in a dangerous scheme that spirals out of control. While not quite a perfect entry into the scrutinized series, "Summertime" does an excellent job of bringing us back into the world of the Gallaghers, depravity and all.

I’m a little bit in love with the way Shameless second season shifted into a summertime perspective, and the rather drastic change it’s brought to the overall tone of the show.  Not only does the temperature enable for far more outside shooting, but provides a welcome shake-up for the feel of the series without having to change very much. Read More...


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