Result: Why Kris and not Adam

I'm a big fan of Adam and I think that he has a great voice, but for those who are still wondering, I'm pretty sure that his sexuality was never an issue. Even though I still hoping tonight that Adam would win, after Tuesday night's performances, it was almost too predictable. If you listen to what Simon said, Kris beat Adam that night and won two of the three rounds. Also, I think it's important to note that American Idol is all about discovering the underdog and giving him a fighting chance. Their goal is to provide as much support around the guy who wouldn't have a good chance at a record deal otherwise. Adam always had a good chance. From the beginning when he first came on Idol, everybody said that he didn't need to win. He could have been booted after round one and still gotten the record deal. Kris's voice is more relratable, more modern, more soft, and well it's kind of voice that you would listen to on your ipod while driving hour after hour. Also, his voice is great for collaboration and direction. His voice is similar to so many artists already out there. Adam would be harder to promote and collaborate with because there is not so many big artists who have that range. His voice is super unique and comes once in a decade. He is a super rock star and is in a league of his own. The modern trend right now in music is with Kris, more ballad pop music, which is what Kris is good at. Idol was never looking for someone better than ever, just another big singer and that was Kris. Either way, I think Adam will be the one to sell more records first and make it into hall of fame mainly because he is so unique and can take any song and make it his own.


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