Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peeks: Trying to Overcome Betrayal in Episode 2.16

This week's new episode of Pretty Little Liars left a lot of fans reeling.  Could Lucas really have been one of 'A's helpers?  For a long time now, a lot of fans have thought that 'A' is one person, which would make sense given how much he/she has done.  And we saw 'A' fishing Lucas' shoe out of the lake at the end of this week's episode.  Has Lucas been in cahoots from the beginning or he is new to the 'A' club?  Whatever the answer, the fans - and Hanna - are stunned by what happened in the lake.  Not only do we have to contend with the possibility that Lucas is one of 'A's helpers, but we also have to wonder whether or not he's dead.  

The January 16 episode of Pretty Little Liars seems to pick up where this episode left off.  Hanna is understandably upset about what happened to Lucas, but she doesn't seem all that anxious to find him.  Meanwhile, Caleb is very eager to find his friend and doesn't understand Hanna's hesitation, or the secrets she's keeping from him. Read More...


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