Continuum is a MUST SEE!!

What can I say except that the movie was AMAZING. If you're as big of a fan of Stargate as I am, you will love and enjoy this movie. It has everything that the show encompasses: great plot, great villains, tons of suspense and action, and hardly ever a dull moment. Plus I've always liked the whole time travel thing so this makes it even more better. All the best characters are back, including deceased Don S. Davis (General Hammond) and Richard Dean Anderson (General Jack O'Neil). Plus we also get an interesting look into Cameron Mitchell's past. All in all, in my opinion the movie ties things up very nicely. And gives a great ending to that annoying a-hole Baal and the Goa'uld in general.


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Jul 13, 2008 1:56PM EDT

Yes it does finally put things nicely, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't wish to see more Stargate movies.Although the next bad guy should be either orginal or from another galaxy. Like Wraith.Only setback for me was that we saw so little of Vala and Teal'c.

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