The Game Episode 5.01 Review: Secrets

Welcome back, Sabers and SunbeamsI The Game just aired its fifth season premiere and man is there a lot to talk about from tonight's episode. The teaser alone sent Twitter and Facebook in a frenzy with its 'in media res' narrative opening the episode. However by the end of the hour, the hoopla turned into some pretty sharp criticism that echoed fan sentiments from last year. Despite the hot and cold reaction to the episode, it still had people talking and the conversation is only just beginning. Let's break down the events of the night:

Derwin's Attitude Is Now Officially A Recurring Character

We picked up right where Season Four left off with Derwin asking Melanie about her secret abortion and if it was his. Melanie reassured Derwin that it wasn't, but that wasn't good enough for Mr. BOOM to swallow. The rest of the episode then descended into a rollercoaster of sorts for the Davises as they made up, fought, and pressed the 'Repeat' afterwards. However, intermingled within that cycle was the return of two of Melanie's 'exes,' Trey Wiggs and McHottie, which sent red flags flashing in my head that Trey had to have been the father of that aborted baby. Comes to find out that my alert system was correct, and Derwin had a new reason to throw another hissy fit. Read More...


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