Parenthood 3.13 "Just Smile" Review

Parenthood did something unusual by choosing to air a (basically) standalone episode last week after being off the air since November. Granted, it was a pretty exceptional episode that had the entire cast interacting within the same limited confines, but essentially delaying the start to the last run of episodes in season three when you're a heavily serialized show wasn't the most expected play to run right now. It makes sense looking back, as airing a standalone first could hook in new viewers for the final bit of the season, but to solidify any new eyes, the episode after had to be on point.

Luckily, "Just Smile" wasn't that much of a qualitative step down from "Road Trip" and smoothed out some of the rougher feelings I had about certain plot points during the fall run. Not everything ended up gleaning to perfection, of course, but this felt like everything that had happened up until this episode had finally started to coalesce into something that could begin to touch the greatness of season two. Read More...


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