Supernatural Sneak Peek: Crossing the God of Time in Episode 7.12

Last week's episode of Supernatural confirmed - once and for all - that Bobby is well and truly dead.  After returning to Rufus' cabin to regroup and grieve, the boys decided to part ways.  Sam headed off to help a young girl find her hunter father who had gone missing, while Dean headed to find Frank so he could learn the meaning of the numbers Bobby gave them right before he died.

As it turns out, the numbers led to a field in Wisconsin, where it looks like the leviathans are planning on building something.  Exactly what that "something" is remains to be seen.  But when Sam got captured by some bloodsucking vetalas, Dean headed off to save his brother and the missing hunter, with a little help from the young girl who turned out to be pretty awesome.  The boys hit the open road at the end of the episode, now truly alone in the world. Read More...


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