'Secret Circle' Scoop: Britt Robertson Says Cassie's Father May Be Alive

Last week's mid-season premiere of "The Secret Circle" saw Cassie Blake exploring her dark side. Tomorrow night's "Fire/Ice" will continue down that path, as the young witch at the center of the Circle endeavors to uncover more information about her father. Speaking to Hollywood Crush, the 21-year-old actress talked about Cassie's Anakin Skywalker-like flirtation with the dark side, the developing love triangle, the show's digital effects and whether or not John Blackwell may still be alive and kicking.

"You saw in the last episode, 'Darkness,' that her darker side sort of emerges," Britt reminded us by phone. "In this upcoming episode, she is on the journey to try and figure out where that comes from, what's happening to her, what this means and how to control it, how to handle it and what to do with it. You'll get to see her battle with good and evil, that sort of inside struggle to deal with what's going on. And that gives her the idea to go further into her past and figure out who her father was and why she thinks this stems from him. You'll get to see some of those mysteries revealed a little bit." Read More...



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