Review of One Tree Hill Season 9 Premiere “Know This, We’ve Noticed” + Cast Q&A Summary

It can’t be denied that the season eight finale of One Tree Hill was designed as and ultimately seemed like the finale of the entire series. Watching it, one felt as if their journey with these characters wascomplete. True, there was no grand reunion with Lucas and Peyton, but there was that wonderful, echoing shot of Jamie dribbling a basketball over the bridge, like his father and uncle before him. I would have been happy to leave Tree Hill’s residents right there.

But with the addition of a thirteen-episode season nine premiering on January 11th, our time with thesecharacters is not, as we thought, over. I admit, I was little apprehensive about this idea, but afterwatching the first episode, "Know This, We’ve Noticed," I’m pleased to say that I think we’re in for a short, but exciting ride.

There is a jump ahead in time, but not a very big one; Brooke and Julian’s twins are still adorable babies. But before we take that small leap, we’re treated to preview of life several more months down the line. A flash-foward, if you will, and in all honestly, a confusing one, as it was mixed with a present day fire in Dan’s sad little truck-stop restaurant. Read More... 


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