Revenge Episode 13 Promo & Photos: "Emily, Will You Marry Me?"

We got another history lesson on this week's episode of Revenge.  Many years ago, a reporter named Leo Treadwell was reporting on the David Clarke trial.  He visited a young Amanda Clarke, who told him she thought her father was innocent.  He agreed and vowed to tell the truth.  But Treadwell's book on the David Clarke saga "might as well have been written by the Graysons" Emily explained.  He went on to become a successful writer (now named Mason Treadwell) under Victoria's sponsorship.

Now Mason has come to the Hamptons for some readings and Emily remembers meeting him when he was younger.  To punish him for his role in the conspiracy, she burned down his precious house, artifacts and memoirs.  The show also dropped a huge bombshell by revealing that Charlotte is really David Clarke's daughter. Read More...


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