'Jane by Design' Recap: Jane Shows She Can't Have It All

'Jane by Design' Recap: Jane Shows She Can't Have It All

I loved the premiere of Jane by Design, so it didn't take much to make sure I was tuned into ABC Family tonight to see the second episode, titled "The Runway." I am quite surprised at how flawlessly Jane is pulling this whole thing off. 

High School Dance 

So, about the high school dance: she's invited -- well, kind of -- by dashing Nick. And that would be perfect, if only she could spend the entire night with him rather than be there, then disappear, then reappear. It's sort of odd to Nick I believe, but I don't think he thinks too much of it. 

She has an excellent time with Nick while she's there, but doesn't make it back in time for the most magical dance of the evening. However, at the end of the night, there's a flashback to Sixteen Candles (love that movie!) with Billy waiting at the car after she returns to the venue and realizes the dance was over.   Read More...



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