'Modern Family' recap: KEYp Your Cool


Families are made up of the people who can withstand our screams, our lies, and our deep-seated hopes of one day defeating them in a public arena. That might sound negative, but it's true: Love isn't always expressed through sappy cards or overdramatic music at convenient times. It's the daily routine, the good and the bad, that help reveal to us the ones who really care, and the ones we really care about. Sure, the various permutations of our favorite Modern Family may fight, but that's only because they are so (obsessively, perhaps borderline unhealthily) invested in one another's lives. If they aren't going to help encourage academic pursuits, professional development or foot care regimens, who will? And if we, the viewer, can't call someone in our immediate clan a "crazy old witch," we obviously have no business exchanging presents. You lie because you care; you cry because you care. Read More...



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