Are You There, Chelsea?: "Pilot" Review

I've never met Laura Prepon. I don't know her personally. I'm not invested in her life in any way. Even so, as I sat through the pilot episode of Are You There, Chelsea?, I couldn't help but think she deserved better. Or maybe she's a terrible person who kicks puppies. If that's the case, then she got what was coming to her. 

Okay, that may be a little harsh. Are You There, Chelsea? isn't the absolute worst thing on television right now. IGN TV Editor Matt Fowler can tell you the series that wins that award. But Are You There, Chelsea? isn't very good, either. Based on the writing of comedienne and author Chelsea Handler, the series casts Prepon as the titular character. Handler has not been shy about her drinking and her one-night stands and the series attempts to capture her edgy comedic tone. Unfortunately, there was very little that could be classified as comedic in regards to the tone of this pilot. Read More...


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