Once Upon a Time: "Desperate Souls" Review

Once Upon a Time is back, and since the mid-season finale left us sheriff-less, Emma's decided to step up to the plate. Surprisingly, Regina is dead set against this turn of events. When she inserts the editor of the newspaper as a candidate for sheriff, Mr. Gold becomes Emma's champion campaigner. Considering his slimeball status you wouldn't think Emma would accept, but she thinks she sees a glimmer of good in him. We get to see that too, as his past in fairytale world is revealed. We'll just call this the episode where Robert Carlyle shines. He finally gets to take center stage. He swipes every scene he's in anyways, but here we see him at his best. He's not encrusted with the wacky make-up or talking with the sinister voice, at least not until the end of the episode. You can't help but pity him as he tries to protect his son from being drafted for the military. He ran away from his duties and is embarrassed about being a coward, but he's a scared father. When a character you've only felt intense dislike for turns into a character you care about enough to cry for, the writers are doing something right (incidentally, Buffy and Battlestar alum Jane Espenson penned this episode).  Read More...



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