Star Wars: The Clone Wars: "Escape From Kadavo" Review

After a midseason/holiday break, The Clone Wars returned and brought the Zygerrian trilogy to a very satisfying conclusion. 

A couple of quibbles: The semi-tragic way Scientel's death was played felt odd. She was a horrible person who believed in enslaving others, and her deathbed epiphany – "I am a slave" – brought upon by Dooku betraying her, didn't really feel earned or necessary, even with Anakin's similar words to her earlier. Also, I get, to some extent, why Obi-Wan would feel wary of using his powers to break free, fearing the immediate ramifications his fellow slaves would endure. But when Anakin freed Ahsoka, who was unguarded and able to pull her collar off herself with the Force, it did raise the question of why she couldn't have gotten free already.  Read More...


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