Nikita: "Pale Fire" Review

Nikita returned from its winter hiatus by revisiting the infamous mission on which Alex lost her father and Nikita regained her soul. "Pale Fire" combined nifty action sequences with moving interpersonal drama to great effect. I can't help but wonder what this show might be doing, ratings wise, on a different network. 

The centerpiece of the episode was a long-awaited reunion, though not the one we thought we were getting. Alex's joy at finding her mother alive quickly shattered as she learned her mother was stepping out on her dad before he died and is now a befuddled pill-popper. But she was able to roll with this punch thanks to the support of Nikita. All of the Nikita/Alex scenes were satisfying: Nikita's quick decision to forfeit the black box in favor of saving Alex's mom, Nikita's pride as she watched her former student layout a plan for doing so, and especially their final scene, where Nikita offered Alex forgiveness, advice, perspective and understanding. It will always be complicated, but they'll always be sisters. Read More...


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