X-Men Anime: "Power" Review


This mediocre incarnation of the X-Men continues to trot along without bringing anything new or interesting to the franchise. But, at least the young Japanese heroine that has been wedged into the story is starting to provide a little oomph to the series. 

This episode opens with Hisako learning how to use her powers better in a battle with a Sentinel. The implausibility of the situation makes it easy to figure out it's a Danger Room simulation from the beginning, but it isn't bad for what it is. Hisako has quickly gone from a demure little schoolgirl to a feisty junior member of the X-Men. She's got a serious beef with Cyclops, and watching her fight with him is fairly entertaining. She gives as good as she gets, and Scott deserves it for being a royal douche-nozzle for a good amount of the episode.  Read More...



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