X-Men Anime: "Conflict" Review


This X-Men series sadly continues to disappoint. It's not because of lack of effort, though. The show is certainly trying to be something, it's just not trying to be something special. We find our team back in snowy Japan, and visiting Hisako's family and friends again before figuring out how to foil the bad guys. But things have gotten even odder in Japan, and the mutant population in the area is getting freakier than usual. On top of all that, a river has turned to almost pure liquid sulfur, and a steel bridge was broken like a child's toy. And no one has any guesses on how or why. 

These are fun mysteries, and they make the slow pace of the first half bearable. When the U-Men (or rather U-Man, since there's only one) actually show up, the action improves significantly. The X-Men have their hands full and might've even suffered a crushing defeat if it hadn't been for Beast and that big brain of his. In a way, I liked how Beast was utilized here. He doesn't have the most interesting powers, but he is definitely the brains of the outfit. But it all still feels hollow for some reason. Beast's role wasn't particularly clever, and relied upon the bad guy's power source to be in a rather stupid location. And the action with the other X-Men getting whooped wasn't all that interesting either. We were missing some spark here.  Read More...



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