X-Men Anime: "Lost" Review

This X-Men anime is like a kiddie roller-coaster – up and down, but it doesn't move all that fast and isn't really exciting. There are certainly some entertaining moments in this episode, but for the most part it's a forgettable episode that just adds more inexplicable mysteries. 

The story picks up where we left off last week with some unknown monster attacking Dr. Sasaki. Well, now we know what it was – a scorpion-type thing that was actually one of Dr. Sasaki's mutant assistants turned all freaky. The scorpion itself isn't particularly well drawn, but the action is interesting, and Armor (Hisako) gets a chance to strut her stuff and actually be useful for once. 

Once the danger is gone, Xavier gets a moment in the spotlight as we learn some more about the past interactions and boot-knocking he had with Dr. Sasaki. It's not bad material, but the presentation of it is kind of boring.  Read More...



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