X-Men Anime: "Countdown" Review

We're heading into the home stretch of this series, and oddly enough I find myself not really caring about what happens. All the great mysteries of the series have turned out to be rather lame, the characterization has fallen short of its potential, and the series still comes off as lazy and uninspired. But, despite having a lot of gripes, I was at least mildly entertained by this week's installment. The episode doesn't waste any time at all with getting into the action. The U-Men do a great job of putting up a good fight. It's almost kind of sad that the whole X-Men team has trouble with just two guys. Somebody's been slacking in the Danger Room, methinks. 

After the fight is over, what follows is a bunch of talking – recap and explanation for events that came before. Parts of it are pretty boring, and the episode could have used some more editing here. I don't think it was really necessary to spend all that time explaining the mechanism behind the anti-scanning field we already knew was there. The bigger issue is why it was there, and that's where the big twist comes in...  Read More...



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