X-Men Anime: "Revenge" Review

This is the beginning of the end for a series that never found solid footing and didn't live up to the legacy of its source material. But at least we finally get to see what all the hubbub was about: Takeo is unleashed! 

Things start exactly where we left last week. Mastermind is still pulling Takeo's strings, Neuron is still pwning Hank and Logan, and the rest of the X-Men are bound in Marsh's gooey clutches. 

The scene quickly shifts to a flashback from Hisako's past, a past that involved Takeo as a child at the Sasaki acadamy. We learn, amidst many tears and sobs, that an accident with Takeo's powers led to the academy being burned down. Once again, I found myself not really caring. This could have (and perhapsshould have) been a touching, poignant story that brought everything in this series together. But Takeo was never an interesting character (we didn't even know he existed until a few episodes ago), and the writing in this story just isn't very good at building an overarching theme. This started out as Hisako's story, then took a brief turn into the story of Emma, then Dr. Sasaki, and now Takeo. This thematic bouncing around would've been fine in a longer series, but with only 12 episodes this show needed to focus its story, and that didn't happen.  Read More...



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