X-Men Anime: "Destiny" Review

Well, it's finally over. Another anime incarnation of a Marvel franchise is complete, and we can all just hope that we'll never have to see these beloved characters in such a poor adaptation again. 

Previous disappointments with this series kept me from having high hopes for this episode, but I was thinking it would at least tryto raise the bar. And initially, it seemed like things were heading to a good place. While Takeo is remaking the world in a purple haze that Jimi Hendrix would've loved, Xavier speaks to the whole world...with his mind. It's about time old Chuck got a chance to show off his skills, and this was a nice way to show him as the "greatest mind on the planet". The cameos during this scene (Archangel, Colossus, NightcrawlerDeadpool, etc), were a nice touch too, and I really liked the art direction with all the characters. Part of me is very curious what this series could have done with an expanded X-cast, but then I remember that the writing in this show is terrible.  Read More...



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