Revenge Episode 12 Recap: Going Up in Flames

I’ve been enjoying the shift in focus on Revenge from taking down one person a week to the longer-term goal of focusing in on the Graysons. But sometimes you just want some plain old fashioned revenge, don’t you? Emily dished it out this week. And HOW.

Many years ago, shortly after David Clarke’s trial, a reporter named Leo Treadwell met with Clarke. He insisted that he was the victim of a conspiracy, but without proof, Leo was a bit hesitant to put Clarke's allegations out there.  He did meet with a 9 year old Amanda Clarke, who told Leo she thought her father was innocent.  All of Clarke's information eventually convinced Leo enough to approach the Graysons for an interview.  They shot down Clarke's claims as outrageous, of course, but Leo couldn't be disuaded.  After all, he had no money and nothing to lose.  That's when Victoria stepped in.  While her "bribe" wasn't exactly explained, it's clear that she offered Leo a chance at both fame and fortune.  Leo transformed himself into Mason Treadwell and published a book that further vilified David Clarke, leading Amanda to believe her father was guilty until Nolan brought her the truth many years later. Read More...


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