Suburgatory 1.11 "Out in the Burbs" Review

Considering the rise of darker humor in recent years on TV comedies, Suburgatory's deliberate, over-the-top silliness stands out that much more. From day one, minute one, snarky comment one, the show has embraced its identity as a zany satire with an ooey gooey center, to the point where I almost hate to chide it out of respect for how self-assured it can be. Make no mistake about it, Suburgatory has multiple areas that it can improve on, but it's embrace of how colorful and frenetic it can be is one of its major assets when utilized properly.

"Out in the Burbs" gets it almost right, pitting Tessa and George in separate plots about miscommunication and the dangers of assuming things about people. The theme explored is pretty interesting and almost a way for the show to knock Tessa's indignation at living in the suburbs down a peg, as the plot here shows her that maybe you don't know everything and not to write the greater Chatswin area off at once. For being such a big, boisterous episode of an already big show, "Out in the Burbs" retains a nice emotional core to it, wearing its suburban support like Dallas wearing yet another leopard-print ensemble. That's the type of balance that has alluded Suburgatory in some episodes and the type of balance that could bring it to the next level; to help establish this world that Tessa and George inhabit, there has to be some kernel of humanity in every episode. It doesn't have to have a Full House-esque "feel good" moment at the end of each installment, but if you want your show to be able to go super silly like "Out in the Burbs" did, you have to make the overall theme of the episode somewhat important, otherwise it veers close to Cartoon Land. Read More...


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