Revenge Review: Up In Flames

What could be worse than losing one's fortune or fame? How about losing one's children? Victoria Grayson's kids have been slowly slipping away all season and with the information uncovered in "Infamy," it looks like it will only get worse. But let's recap the rest of the episode before we get to the big secret most of us saw coming.

The Destruction of Mason Treadwell. As Nolan put it, "What a tool." Between the arrogance and the ridiculous bow ties, how could anyone like that man? Then, to find out that he lied to a desperate, grieving child.The spineless little weasel gained young Amanda's trust only to abandon her for a pay day from the Graysons.

Amanda was a poor, scared, little girl who was betrayed over and over again by the adults in her life. It's those scenes that convince me it's long past time for someone to pay. It's time for Revenge. Read More...


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