Revenge “Infamy” Review

This week’s episode of Revenge was one of the most enjoyable episodes since the show began. While I understand that a lot of people dug the Tyler subplot, his was never my favorite part of the show. I like it when Emily is going up against Victoria in a cunning and possibly violent bitch off and for me, Tyler distracted from the best the show has to offer. Now that Tyler is out of the picture after last week’s foray into crazy land, the show has gotten back on track with its formula. Now, I know what you’re thinking:formula? Yuck. So predictable, especially if you’ve seen over two hundred episodes of Law and Order or every episode of Criminal Minds.

And usually, I would agree. I myself am not the biggest fan of formulaic shows. But usually the formulainvolves good people trying to do good things by locking up bad people in a bad world. This show is different. This is about terrible, snobby, scummy people doing abhorrent, low, undercut things in a world where, if life was a horse race, they’d have the best odds. Even the quote-unquote "poor" folks in Revenge – namely Jack and Declan Porter – own their own restaurant and are far from the most realistic portrayal of middle to low income families, as portrayed on say The Middle. Read More... 


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