Bones “The Crack in the Code” Review

Okay so y’all are free to correct me if I’m wrong but I truly can’t remember another time where an episode of Bones ended without the killer going away for a very long time. In this winter finale, called "The Crack in the Code", a very scary man does just that. He finds a crack in the code – specifically the code on his ankle bracelet that tells law enforcement where he is every 28 seconds. Why does he do it? So he can murder a woman, cut her up, and dump her in a museum, basically just to prove that he’s better than our team. The only trouble is, no one can actually prove any of it.

I usually keep pretty good track of time while I’m watching any show, thanks to my trusty DVR. But I’ll admit that I had no clue how close we were to the end when we hit the musical montage. I truly thought our gang was going to find a way to catch Pelant and didn’t realize the episode was over until the credits came up. So it looks like we’ve got another major foe on our hands, worthy enough it seems to walk in the footprints left by serial killers like The Gormogon and Booth’s former sniper buddy, Jacob Broadsky. Read More... 


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