The Finder “An Orphan Walks into a Bar” Review

When I watched the backdoor pilot of The Finder that aired last year during the regular season ofBones, I wasn’t exactly excited for the prospect of an entire show based on what I saw. Even though it was set in Florida and I usually love shows set in Florida (except for you, CSI Miami!!), something just wasn’t gelling for me. It wasn’t until I watched the official first episode, "An Orphan Walks Into a Bar" that I realized what was missing: an ensemble with chemistry.

This is no disrespect to Saffron Burrows who is a wonderful actress, but replacing her character with sassy US Marshall Isabel Zambada (Mercedes Masohn) and a troubled teenage gypsy Willa Monday (Maddie Hasson) was probably the smartest move the show’s producers could have made. In a surprise twist that I kind of love, Isabel is already sleeping with Walter (do you have another explanation for why she was in her underwear after having dinner with him?), thus eliminating the whole "will they, won’t they" factor that, while serving Bones well, is getting a little over-played. Read More... 


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