The Firm “Chapter Three” Review

Did The Firm need a two hour pilot on Sunday to introduce use to McDeare (who is supposed to be ten years older than Tom Cruise when he played the part in the 90s but honestly looks like he could pass for a teenager on a CW show with a good shave) and the brand new firm who wants to corrupt him or kill him? No, and the pilot was too long by half. But now that the show has resumed airing on its regularschedule and is now a manageable forty minutes, it’s much easier to enjoy.

Enjoy wouldn’t exactly be the right word to use. Yet. A lot of shows take a while to get going. Very few shows have the creative team to hit the ground running: Criminal Minds never really kicked off until they go rid of Patinkin and Glaudini and introduced Mantegna (at least for my money). Parks and Recreationhad a notoriously bad first season, and now its one of the best shows (if not the best show) on television. My point is, it sometimes takes time for a show to come together. Now, I’m not saying that The Firm will become the best show on television. I wouldn’t put any money down on that horse. But it could become an enjoyable, escapist forty minutes if it manages to work out some of its kinks. Read More... 


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