Grey’s Anatomy “The Magic Moment” Review

Video taping Zola was such a jarring shift into family mode for Meredith and Derek I was glad thatMeredith jokingly threatened suicide in the face of missing Zola’s first step, it made it seem like she’ll still be herself even with a baby.

It was hard to get excited about the giant separate conjoined twin surgery, since Grey’s Anatomy has already featured the more exciting separation of adult twins. That said, I like the head bands for the red team and green team, it was like the whole hospital was getting ready to play capture the flag.

Christina recounting how, exactly Teddy’s husband died while she’s doing heart surgery might be the most dangerous distraction ever on Grey’s, including loning looks, jealous looks, and general competitiveness. And it’s ten time as morbid. Read More... 


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