Private Practice “The Standing Eight Count” Review

Mason is breathing life back into Private Practice like no other character could. From making Charlotte seem less human to finally making Coup act like a grown up, he’s even making the kitchen at the practiceseem more interesting.

Amelia noticing Mason’s mom’s hand tremor and worrying about what it might mean seemed like the right about of foreshadowing. You know somethings going to be wrong, but will it be help Mason through this wrong or now Coup has to raise Mason alone wrong?

I feel like Charlotte and Amelia didn’t try hard enough to convince Mason’s mom to submit to some tests before illegally obtaining medical records by making up a coma. I mean normally when someone onPrivate Practice or Grey’s does something incredibly illegal or unethical it’s the last possible resort, but Amelia got a fairly calm no when she asked if she could examine her and they decide to jump over a second step to career endangering measures? Amelia also seemed really quick to decide there was nothing they could do for the brain tumor they found. They’re trying out the newest, most experimental treatments all the time and without so much as a flip through a medical journal they decree she’s done for? Also, are we suppose to assume that this tumor is the reason she contacted Cooper, kind of like Jenny in Forest Gump? Read More... 


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