The Vampire Diaries “Our Town” Review

This week’s The Vampire Diaries instalment is ‘Our Town’. After Stefan threatens to dispose of Klaus’family members if the hybrids aren’t forced to leave town, Klaus makes himself known to the councilmembers at a fundraiser and asks them to do one thing — keep Stefan in check. His argument is a convincing one, and both the Mayor and Sheriff Forbes press Damon to do it. But Stefan isn’t quite so intimidated (or charmed) by Klaus. He calls Klaus’ bluff, threatening to kill Elena if the hybrids aren’t sent away, all the while driving Elena towards the bridge where her parents died. Klaus caves, but Elena’s pissed.

Meanwhile, Tyler, thinking that Klaus’s order to bite Caroline can’t withstand the power of true love, goes to see Caroline — and bites her. But Klaus comes to the rescue, giving Caroline a new outlook on her life as a vampire and a pretty necklace, too. Read More... 


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