Sherlock “The Reichenbach Fall” Review

The series 2 finale, ‘The Reichenbach Fall’, is very clever indeed. Originally referring to the Swiss waterfall of a similar name where Holmes and Moriarty fell to their (intended) deaths in the originalstories, the twisted around title now refers to Sherlock Holmes, the ‘Reichenbach hero’ of Sherlock. Or does it? As Sherlock points out, Moriarty’s alias ‘Richard Brooks’ is a literal translation of Reichenbach. This episode isn’t just the fall of Sherlock Holmes, it’s the fall of Moriarty himself. And he fell hard.

We learnt of Sherlock’s demise right at the start of the episode. What followed was a surprisingly plausible plotline about implausible things — a short computer code that can hack anything, crimes where the inside man seemingly isn’t even suspected of being involved — which all lead to Moriartybeing tried and acquitted of crimes he obviously committed. It’s clear he got to the jury and forced his own freedom, but why allow himself to be captured in the first place? Read More... 


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